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Una-Union Shop is an online store that caters to all your stuff home. WHOLESALE PRICE! EVEN BUY RETAIL! Una is currently serving a purchase-Union Shop Bags and Clothing Imports Quality Imports and also serve a purchase Tupperware products on-line and agent registration / new dealer. Get exciting discounts and promos from Una-Union Shop How to Order / Booking: SMS to no: 0838 301 00 338 Yahoo Messenger / Email: @ GTalk: Photos posted the original photo of the bag is being sold. 90% of the similarity of the goods due to the influence of light photographic image or monitor settings. The whole bag of products imported directly from Taiwan, a leading fashion brand handbags. Import products from the ORIGINAL 100% authentic brand mentioned, not the imitation product ( KW) . BECOME A RESELLER TERMS UNA-UNION SHOP: - NO MINIMUM ORDER - Reseller pricing will be given if in a transaction to sell: 1 pcs / transaction = NORMAL PRICE 5 pcs / transaction = 5% DISC ( STYLE MIX) 10 pcs / transaction = 10% DISC ( STYLE MIX) Sis * * Price does not include. - Can dropship system, provided that any written order to complete : : * Name of recipient: * Address the recipient: * No phone receiver: * Name of sender: * No phone the sender: * Code of the goods ordered: ( Did not write the name of the sender, it will automatically write the name of UNA d-UNION SHOP, so please selengkap2nya) . NOTE: Stock of goods is not bound and could be discharged at any time, so that paying more will get the first stock of goods available. For booking a product, you must transfer the DP 50% of the price you book. Bookingan without DP will not be served. e e e e e e Happy Shopping All ... : ) )

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Distributor Baju Impor Murah Surabaya

Silahkan diorder Dress Knit Cotton nya Sist... Free size Length : 67cm Bust : 90cm-110cm Hem :

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Una-Union Shop is an online store that caters to all your stuff home. WHOLESALE PRICE! EVEN BUY RET
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